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John Grimshaw & Ross Bayton, New Trees: Recent Intrductions to Cultivation,  Kew Publishing, The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, UK. (2009)

Without doubt, this is the most eagerly awaited new work on dendrology since the 1980s carrying over 850 descriptions of trees introduced into cultivation over the past 40 years. 80 of the species described are oaks, so this will be a major reference works for all quercophiles. This is a beautifully produced reference work commissioned and produced by the International Dendrology Society for dendrologists the world over that compliments the earlier standard references provided by Bean and Krüssmann. It contains over 100 line drawings by Hazel Wilks and 580 photographs from a large number of contributors that portray many rarely seen trees. This work is set to become a standard reference for very many years to come.

Further details may be found at the Kew Publications website, while the book may be purchased through the Kew on-line book store.