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Full Name: - Quercus palustris 'Compacta'

Quercus palustris 'Compacta' nom. illegit.
Infrageneric Classification
Subgenus Quercus, Section Lobatae
Nomenclature Note
Thought to have been developed at Jacques Lombarts's Nursery, Zundert, The Netherlands in the 1950s. It is not known if this name was properly established by Doorenbos. Even if it were, it would be illegitimate since the epithet 'Compacta' is already in use for Q. robur 'Compacta' Hort. ex G. Nicholson (1896). Requires a new name.
A very beautiful tree with low and rounded compact crown with crowded leaves. Widely planted in Europe.
Natural Distribution
From cultivation
Illustration of Leaves
Image from a plant at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens (UK) ©Jan De Langhe, Ghent University Botanical Garden, 2010
Recent Monograph References
(Heathcoat Amory) The Oaks of Chevithorne Barton (2009) page 142 illustration only (leaves)