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Full Name: - Quercus alba (Pinnatifida Group) 'Marcell'

Quercus alba (Pinnatifida Group) 'Marcell' Jablonski (2013) Cultivar name has been accepted as Registered
Infrageneric Classification
Subgenus Quercus, Section Quercus
Named by the originator, Ryan Russell, for his grandfather.
Nomenclature Note
Accepted. Journ. Int. Oak Soc., 24:163
Selected for diminutive leaves with deep sinuses and forked lobes. Acorns much smaller than typical. Reddish-orange fall color. Named after the originators grandfather, whose property this tree was found on.
Natural Distribution
Original tree found by Ryan Russell in 2008 in Callaway Co. MO, USA
Nomenclatural Standard (Cultivar) or Type
Harold Hillier Herbarium 7389 HILL
Standard Image
Photograph by Matt Pringle of Sir Harold Hillier Gardens