Report from the Oak ICRA checklist
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Full Name: - Quercus helferiana

Quercus helferiana A. DC. (1864)
Infrageneric Classification
Subgenus Cerris, Section Cyclobalanopsis
See: Huang Chengjiu et al.., Volume 4 of Flora of China (1999) Page 391 as Cyclobalanopsis
Natural Distribution
HIMALAYA: INDIA: (Manipur, Mizoram), FAR EAST ASIA: CHINA: (Guangdong, Guangxi, S Guizhou, S to SW Yunnan), SOUTH EAST ASIA: MYANMAR, LAOS, N THAILAND, VIETNAM,
Conservation Status
Rated as Least Concern (LC) in the The Red List of Oaks
Recent Monograph References
(Menitsky) Oaks of Asia (2005) page 270
(Hardÿ & Lamant) Guide illustré des Chênes (2006) Volume 1, page 544