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Full Name: - Quercus 'Chocha'

Quercus 'Chocha' F. Garin A. J. Coombes Tree of the Year: Quercus rysophylla Weatherby. International Dendrology Society Yearbook 2015. (45) (2015) Cultivar name has been accepted as Registered
Infrageneric Classification
Subgenus Quercus, Section Lobatae
Nomenclature Note
Received acorns of Q. rysophylla from a specimen at Chocha, Ustaritz, SW France, the property of Michel Duhart. Thought to be a hybrid with Q. rubra.
Selected by Francisco Garin, Jardín Botánico de Iturraran, Spain. Leaves slightly leathery, intermediate in texture between Q. rysophylla and Q. rubra, orange fall color.
Natural Distribution
From cultivation
Nomenclatural Standard (Cultivar) or Type
Harold Hillier Herbarium 7892 HILL