Report from the Oak ICRA checklist
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Full Name: - Quercus tristis

Quercus tristis Liebm. (1854)
Infrageneric Classification
Subgenus Quercus, Section Lobatae
Nomenclature Note
Accepted as a species by the World Checklist and Bibliography of Fagales (1998) and by the Red List of Oaks (2007) but reduced by Valencia-A (2004) to a synonym of Q. castanea Née (1801). Species accepted here following Tracey Parker's Trees of Guatemala (2008)
Natural Distribution
MEXICO: (Chiapas), CENTRAL AMERICA: GUATEMALA (Chimaltenango, Chiquimula, Guatemala, Huehuetenango, Jalapa, Jutiapa, Quetzaltenango, Sacatepéquez, San Marcos, Sololá), EL SALVADOR
Conservation Status
Rated as Least Concern (LC) in the The Red List of Oaks
Illustration of Leaves
Image from a plant at the San Francisco Botanical Garden (USA) ©Jan De Langhe, Ghent University Botanical Garden, 2010