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Full Name: - Quercus ×audleyensis

Quercus ×audleyensis A. Henry (1910)
Infrageneric Classification
Subgenus Cerris x Quercus, Section Ilex x Quercus
Q. ilex L. × Q. petraea (Matt.) Liebl.
H. J. Elwes & A. Henry, Trees of Great Britain & Ireland, 5: 1291 (1910)
Natural Distribution
Described from cultivation
Main Horticultural References
(Krüssmann) Manual of Cultivated Broad-leaved Trees & Shrubs (in English) vol. 3 (1986) page 82
The New Royal Horticultural Society Dictionary of Gardening vol. 3 (1992) page 779 as Q. "×andleyensis"