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Full Name: - Quercus ×lesueurii

Quercus ×lesueurii C.H. Mull. in Notes on American Flora, Chiefly Mexican, American Midland Naturalist Vol. 27, No. 2, 470-490 (1942) pro sp. as "Q. LeSueuri"
Infrageneric Classification
Subgenus Quercus, Section Quercus
Q. arizonica Sarg. × Q. gambelii Nutt.
Nomenclature Note
Spellenberg in Spellenberg, Richard, Quercus lesueuri, un miembro meridional del complejo de Q. x undulata (Fagaceae, subgénero Quercus) Acta Botánica Mexicana, núm. 42, pp. 25 - 33 (1998) says it can be regarded as a syn. Of Q. x undulata sensu lato but it has a different parentage and is a different taxon to Q. x undulata sensu stricto. This name is therefore accepted here.
Natural Distribution
Mexico: Chihuahua
Recent Monograph References
(Miller & Lamb) Oaks of North America (1985) page 233, 238 mentions as hybrid formula only