Search Tips

There are three ways to find the full name report for a particular name in this database. In the top box you may enter as many starting letters of the epithet as you wish. Just entering the single letter s will bring up a list of all names with epithets starting with that letter: entering se will narrow the search results, and sea will narrow them still further. Select from the resulting list to get a full name report on the name you want. You can narrow the search still further by omitting certain sorts of name in the checkbox line below.

Another way of finding a cultivar or Group name is through using the drop-down menu in the second box, but you will have to know to which species or hybrid species the cultivar or Group has been assigned. If in doubt, use the top box method. This feature is primarily designed to provide a listing of all the cultivar and Group names assigned to a particular species.

The third box is designed to provide a convenient way of listing all cultivars assigned to a particular Group within a given species.